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About Us and Our Team

We pride ourselves on customer service and education.
Our combined experience and dedication to the sport of bowling makes us your one-stop destination for
all of your bowling needs.


Tom Carter

Pro Shop Owner

PBA Accomplishments:
• Won 8 PBA Regional Titles
• Was on 5 Resident Pro PBA Teams
• PBA Midwest Regional Player of the Year (2007)
• PBA50 Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award Winner (2015)
• Player Services Manager on the PBA50 Tour for Brunswick, DV8 & Radical

State Accomplishments:
• Inducted into the Illinois State Hall of Fame (2001)

Instructing  & Coaching Accomplishments:
• Instructor at Mo Pinel/Innovative Bowling Advanced Ball Drilling Clinic
• USBC Silver Level Coach
• Coached 5 girls High School Teams to Illinois State titles
• Coached 3 Students to become Collegiate All Americans
• Coached at Turbo Tech for since 2015

• Color Commentator for FloBowling


Over 40 Years of

Pro Shop operator
since 1978


PBA Member

Since 1985


USBC Silver

Certified Coach

hall of fame

Hall of Fame

Member of Illinois State's
Hall of Fame 2001

Brandon Donahue

Brandon Donahue

Pro Shop Manager
Pro Shop Technician
Bowling Ball Guru


Over 15 Years of

Pro Shop technician
since 2004

radical-125x97 (1)

Staff Member

Radical Bowling Technologies

Heath Heartgrove

Heath Hartgrove

Pro Shop Technician

National Accomplishments:
• USBC National Team High Game (3 men, 2 women) 1337 - Heath shot 300 (2010-2011)
• USBC National 5 Man Team High Series 3919 (2010-2011)
• USBC Open Championship Singles 6th (2011-2012)

City Accomplishments:
• Open Team Champions 5 Man (2008)
• Open Singles Champion (2010-2011)
• House Record Columbus Square Bowling Palace - 879 (2008)
• Tied City Record - During City Tournament - 879 (2008)

High Series and Game:
• 879
• 300 (80+)

tom carter's bowling services

Bill Ramey

Pro Shop Technician

tom carter's ball drilling

Dustin Thomas

Ball Driller Technician

Dave Harold II

Sales Representative